Girls Night In

Gossip! TV shows! Magazines! Snacks! Oh and of course GlamJam beauty express squad to complete the equation with our classic Mani/Pedi and a very relaxing shoulder massage.
What can be better then this for a girls night in?
- Mani classic
- Pedi classic
- 30 min shoulder
- Price for 2

AED 650


Bride Babe

Prepping up on the big day? Our team of hairstylist and make-up artist will ensure to bring your imagination to reality on your big day! For the perfect outcome, trial run on hair and make-up will be included into this package.
- Bridal Make-up
- Bridal Hairstyle
- Trial run

AED 1000


Bride Squad

This one is for the bride and the bridesmaids. Hair on sleek and makeup on fleek for the whole team. We bring our tools and professionals to wherever you wish to be glammed up.
- Makeup x5
- Hairstyle x5
- Price for 5

AED 10500


Boss Babe

Working from nine to wine? No problem, our beauticians got it covered with our express Shoulder massage and foot treatment including Pedi, to give you enough energy for the upcoming work days.
- 30 mins Shoulder massage
- Pedicure & amp
- Foot relaxation (treatment)

AED 500


Off-Duty Mom

All the beautyfull Mamas out there deserve a break! Indulge yourselves with our Xpress beauty services anytime of the day that suits you. Nails and Hair = Check!
- Mani Classic / Mani Gelish
- Pedi Classic / Pedi Gelish
- Xpress Blow-dry

AED 410


Mini Babes

Like mother, like daughter. Mini babes are always our top priority and making them feel like a real princess with colorful nail polish application and cute hair do is definitely a way to start!
- Nail Polish
- Hair

AED 200


Girls Night Out

The weekend or is it the ladies night out? Glam up for the evening with shimmers of makeup and effortless looking blow-dry! We like to call this the rested Queen night out.
- Makeup
- Blow-dry
- Price for 2

AED 1199